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#2021 Diaet zum Abnehmen,Bester Weg schnell Gewicht zu verlieren,überraschen Sie alle! Das neuartige Abnehmprodukt. Ohne Sport und Chemie. 100% Geld-zurück Garantie The protagonist of Pain and Glory was at the decline of his career. The man involuntarily looks back into the past, and a stream of vivid memories falls upon him. He recalls such moments from his youth as tender feelings for his mother, love and separation, the search for happiness and success Leid und Herrlichkeit Leid und Herrlichkeit (Originaltitel Dolor y gloria, internationaler englischsprachiger Titel Pain & Glory) ist ein Filmdrama von Pedro Almodóvar, das am 22. März 2019 in die spanischen Kinos kam. Die internationale Premiere erfolgte am 17 Pain and Glory (Spanish: Dolor y gloria) is a 2019 Spanish drama film written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. It stars Asier Etxeandia, Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz, Julieta Serrano and Leonardo Sbaraglia.. The film was released in Spain on 22 March 2019 to positive reviews. It made its international debut at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, where it competed for the Palme d'Or; Banderas. Pain and Glory - bittersweet perfection from Pedro Almodóvar Antonio Banderas gives the performance of his career as a fictional stand-in for the Spanish director in a drama that blurs the line..

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Pedro Almodóvar is ready to put one slightly out-of-hand rumor to rest right now: Pain and Glory will not be his last cinematic effort. Somehow, that was the hot take following the melodrama's.. Pain and Glory is an autumnal film in a ruminative minor key, with more pain than glory - although glory does make a late resurgence. It brings Almodóvar's focus to death: his own and those of the.. Almodóvar's films are full of similar moments: anguished human dramas edged with knockabout farce. In Pain and Glory, Mallo squabbles with his friends, mangles a live interview and self-medicates.. Antonio Banderas's performance in Pain and Glory, a new film by the actor's lifelong collaborator Pedro Almodóvar, begins with deceptive stillness: Salvador Mallo, a director whose veteran status is announced by the gray in his hair and the slight, middle-aged paunch rounding out his middle, floats at the bottom of a swimming pool in a sitting position, his arms held out and eyes sealed. Almodóvar decided to cast Banderas in Pain and Glory after the actor suffered a life-changing heart attack in 2017. I saw a picture of Antonio after the heart attack and what I saw was a mask of pain, the director said. HAS ALMODOVAR CHASED THE DRAGON

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  1. Pedro Almodovar's Pain and Glory (screening in competition in Cannes) is the kind of indulgent and self-absorbed film that only a director with such a glittering career behind him would be allowed..
  2. gly grizzled man of many ailments.
  3. Pedro Almodóvar's 'Pain and Glory' hands the Cannes competition its first triumph Times critic Justin Chang is filing regular dispatches from the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival, which.
  4. Pain and Glory reunites many actors from the different periods of a mostly distinguished career. A strikingly gaunt and grizzled Antonio Banderas, who first worked with Almodovar as far back as..
  5. MADRID — Pedro Almodóvar's Pain and Glory took home Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Antonio Banderas) and Best Original Screenplay at the 34th Spanish Academy Goya Awards, as well as..
  6. Without filmmaking, my life is meaningless, says Salvador Mallo, the depressed director in Pedro Almodóvar's new film, Pain and Glory. Suffering from migraines, a bad back and fits of choking.
  7. A gorgeously crafted memoir of a jaded filmmaker past his prime, 'Pain and Glory' could be Pedro Almodóvar's most autobiographical work since 'Law of Desire'.

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In Pain and Glory, Pedro Almodóvar's 21st feature and his eighth with Antonio Banderas, the star plays Salvador, an aging filmmaker struggling to continue working due to an oppressive cocktail of pain and his new habit for heroin.A repertory screening of his breakthrough film, Taste, gives way for Salvador to face various, unreconciled fragments of his past: his late mother's chilly. Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar's 21th feature film, PAIN AND GLORY, starring Antonio Banderas and an ensemble cast that includes Penelope Cruz, will be rele.. Pedro Almodóvar's Pain and Glory swept the 7 th Platino Xcaret Awards, winning best Ibero-American film, as well as the best director and screenplay for Almodovar.It also took home three.

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  1. Antonio Banderas plays Salvador Mallo in Pain and Glory.Pain and Glory tells of a series of reencounters experienced by Salvador Mallo, a film director in hi..
  2. Pain and Glory is beautifully shot. As the film went along, director Salvador Mallo (this year's Best Actor at Cannes, Antonio Banderas) remembers moments from his childhood. Most of it is live-action, but there are inspired animated sequences that show the types of maladies that Salvador is suffering from. Salvador recounts and encounters past lovers and an early crush. Feeling increasingly.
  3. MADRID -- Pedro Almodóvar's Pain and Glory took home Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Antonio Banderas) and Best Original Screenplay at the 34th Spanish Academy Goya Awards, as.
  4. Pedro Almodóvar's 'Pain and Glory' hands the Cannes competition its first triumph May 18, 2019 Pain and Glory's central remembrance centers on the time young Mallo and his family moved to..
  5. g him as someone transformed through age and pain to a rueful, gentle ghost of his former self

It feels weird to say that Pedro Almodóvar — one of the most acclaimed filmmakers of the last 35 years, a man who has an Oscar and countless classics to his name, a name which has itself become a.. Pain and Glory (released in March in Spain, and October in the US) is a lovingly detailed cinematic memory piece in which Banderas plays a de facto version of Almodóvar, the legendary director who plucked the young actor from the countercultural theater scene that flourished in post-Franco Madrid Writer/director Pedro Almodóvar with Antonio Banderas on the set of Pain and Glory. (Manolo Pavón, provided by Sony Pictures Classics) And then there's the scar. At the start of the film.

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  1. Pedro Almodovar with Penelope Cruz at the premiere of 'Pain and Glory' at the Cannes Film Festival 2019 (Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/ AFP) In Volver, for example, she is a contemporary Spanish mother,..
  2. In Pain and Glory, not only do we get an intimate glimpse into Almodóvar's experiences, but also into his home. 50 per cent of the furniture in Salvador's apartment is the filmmaker's own, taken directly from his home, while the rest was reproduced for the film. If there was an empty corner on set, the art director sent his assistant around to my house to find an object with which to.
  3. Pedro Almodóvar's new film, Pain and Glory, is not an autobiography. The Oscar-winning director and screenwriter has made it clear in interviews that the touching drama is a work of fiction—but at..

Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz star in Pedro Almódovar's Pain and Glory (Spanish: Dolor y Gloria) and although Almódvar says it's not autobiographical, it partly is!The film even features a great deal of stylish furniture and homeware from his own apartment. Almodóvar's 21st movie deals with the struggles of ageing film Director Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas) The success of Pedro Almodóvar's latest film, Pain and Glory, nominated for the Oscars as the best international film, has put the Valencian municipality of Paterna on the world map by setting part of its history in one of its caves. housing, which the municipality wants to exploit as a tourist claim. For this, the municipality has organized a permanent and monographic.

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Pedro Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas have made eight movies together, and their latest, Pain & Glory, may represent the high point of their collaboration. In perhaps Almodóvar's most directly.. Pedro Almodóvar Is Hurting. But that agony inspired 'Pain and Glory,' his acclaimed new drama that looks at aging, regret and the physical deterioration that waits for us all. The title of Pedro Almodóvar 's latest film is somewhat misleading. While Pain and Glory may seem to be an indication of the lows and highs that its main character, an aging filmmaker named Salvador (played by. Pedro Almodóvar's Oscar-nominated, semi-autobiographical drama Pain and Glory was the big winner Saturday at the 34th Goya Awards, Spain's top film honors, taking home prizes for best picture,.. There's a scene in Pedro Almodóvar's latest film, Pain and Glory, that I haven't been able to stop thinking about since I saw it at Cannes earlier this week. The film is Almodovar's most. Pain and Glory is an act of recollection, and a painful one at that. The glory Almodóvar's title alludes to is hashed out in the past tense, crystallized in Salvador's gorgeous, art-crammed Madrid apartment (incidentally, Almodóvar's own), a simulacrum of past triumphs now wrapped in darkness and silence. For this remains a story of suffering, one that dwells on the pain of artistic.

Pedro Almodóvar's Pain and Glory swept the 7 th Platino Xcaret Awards, winning best Ibero-American film, as well as the best director and screenplay for Almodovar José Luis Alcaine's cinematography offers another conspicuous celebration of colour as the fuel of life. This is the least brown autumnal film you will ever see. Actor Antonio Banderas, director.. PAIN AND GLORY (Pedro Almodóvar) 113 minutes. Opens Friday (October 25). See listing. Rating: NNNN Your eyes have changed, darling, an actor says to aging filmmaker Salvador Mallo early on. Pedro Almodóvar's 'Pain and Glory' Sweeps Spanish Academy Goya Awards Enrique Cerezo, president of the Premios Xcaret, said: We regret that we couldn't be present on site because of a nightmare we.. Film Review: 'Pain and Glory' Pedro Almodóvar directs Antonio Banderas in this remarkably mature metafiction, exploring the emotional scars that underly his own physical frailty

Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar is to represent Spain at the Oscars for the seventh time, with his 21st feature film Pain And Glory. The movie stars Antonio Banderas as the protagonist Salvador.. PAIN AND GLORY tells of a series of re-encounters experienced by Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas), a film director in his physical decline. Some of them in the flesh, others remembered: his childhood in the 60s, when he emigrated with his parents to a village in Valencia in search of prosperity, the first desire, his first adult love in the Madrid of the 80s, the pain of the breakup of that. Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar made his return at Cannes this year with Pain & Glory, a deeply personal and semi-autobiographical film about an aging filmmaker reflecting on his life and legac Our smart data base updates every day and we've got the solution to Pain and Glory director Almodóvar. No need to keep looking. The word you're looking for is: Pedro The crossword clue Pain and Glory director Almodóvar published 1 time/s and has 1 unique answer/s on our system. Possible Answers From Our DataBase: PEDRO Pain and Glory director Almodóvar - Latest Answers By. And, this being an Almodóvar film, there's Mom (played in her younger years by Penélope Cruz, another of the director's longtime go-to actors). Pain and Glory screens in competition at the Cannes..

Review: The First Desire—Pedro Almodóvar's Pain and Glory Pedro Almodóvar's latest film may well be his most nostalgic, and achingly personal to date. Leonardo Goi 04 oct. 2019. 2. Movie Poster of the Week: The Posters of the 57th New York Film Festival. The annual round-up of posters for the main slate of the NYFF. Adrian Curry 27 sept. 2019. 2. Everything Old Is New Again. But that failure was his success, and his glory grew out of his pain. Like Alfonso Cuarón's 2018 hit Roma, Pain and Glory is an inspired late-in-life tribute to the director's loved ones and formative experiences, a nostalgic summing up and a bold aesthetic breakthrough that brings the past to vibrant life. Roma won three Oscars Pedro Almodóvar exposed all his vulnerability in the semi-autobiographical film Pain and Glory Now he returns his focus to women not only with the short film The Human Voice, an. Pedro Almodóvar talks Pain and Glory and why he doesn't want to be a 'pioneer' The acclaimed Spanish filmmaker also reflects on reuniting with Antonio Banderas for his semi-autobiographical new. An exquisite portrait of an ageing director looking back on his life, Pedro Almodóvar's Pain and Glory seemingly merges intimate confessions from his own past with tantalising fictions. By Paul Julian Smith. + Pain is my life. Pain and Glory director Pedro Almodóvar discusses art, creativity, autobiographical filmmaking and why he wouldn't change a thing about his life in the hedonistic.

Pain and Glory is Pedro Almodovar's 21st film and brings out the best in him, his writing and directorial talents as well as the acting performances of Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz. The film is difficult to summarize because it follows no traditional formula but, instead, takes us Pain and Glory is Pedro Almodovar's 21st film and brings out the best in him, his writing. Antonio Banderas was on The Late Show and discussed his Academy Award nominated role in Pain and Glory and his relationship with Pedro Almodóvar! Now playing select cities and on demand! See All. Videos. Now on Blu-ray & Digital. 91. 8. Experience the Academy Award winning talents of Antonio Banderas & engross into the Academy Award winning storytelling of Pedro Almodóvar when you. Pain, glory and scandal: Pedro Almodovar's lockdown diaries Naman Ramachandran. May 07, 2020 18:58 IST Updated: May 08, 2020 12:45 IST Naman Ramachandran May 07, 2020 18:58 IST Updated: May 08.

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Antonio Banderas was on The Late Show and discussed his Academy Award nominated role in Pain and Glory and his relationship with Pedro Almodóvar! Now playing select cities and on demand! See All. Videos. Now on Blu-ray & Digital. 92. 8. Experience the Academy Award winning talents of Antonio Banderas & engross into the Academy Award winning storytelling of Pedro Almodóvar when you. Pain and Glory, starring Antonio Banderas, is at once the gentlest and most emotionally naked movie Pedro Almodóvar has ever made. It's being billed as an autobiographical work, though that's. Presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in May, the latest film from the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, Pain and Glory, has just been released in the U.K. on August 23, and is due. Pain and glory: why Pedro Almodóvar made a biographical film starring his old muse Antonio Banderas Save Pedro Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas Robbie Collin, Film Critic 17 August 2019 • 8:00am.

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  1. Pain and Glory is a movie that is certainly going to mostly appeal to those familiar with Pedro Almodovar's work, as it provides a peek behind the curtain at the man responsible for some truly.
  2. 'Pain and Glory' Review: Pedro Almodóvar's Best Movie in Years Is His Most Personal. Antonio Banderas excels as a version of the Spanish auteur in what may be the closest he comes to.
  3. Pain and Glory is an unintentional trilogy, the third and concluding chapter that has taken Pedro Almodóvar 32 years to complete. The first two parts are the films Law of Desire and Bad Education. Each of the three films feature a male protagonist who is a film director, with desire and cinematic fiction as the pillars of the story
  4. D uring one of the first days of shooting on Pain and Glory, filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar pulled his star Antonio Banderas to the side. I don't know how to describe it, but there's something.
  5. ates what filmmaking means to Almodóvar, and why he does what he does. It is also about aging as an artist—how Almodóvar, who just turned 70, is still able to create. Mallo and Crespo (a sexy Asier Etxeandia) first reconnect over tea and heroin—Crespo is a regular user, Mallo a novice. And so addiction joins Mallo.
  6. With this film, Pedro Almodóvar pens his own version of Fellini's 8 1/2, even if he was looking more towards Rapture by Iván Zulueta, where cinema wasn't just a dependency; it was life itself. Pain and Glory was shot in El Escorial, Madrid and Paterna (Valencia) and includes animated segments created by Juan Gatti
  7. Pedro Almodóvar has been asked if he's OK a lot lately.. To be fair, he did make a film about a successful Spanish director who's in so much physical and emotional pain he starts doing heroin.

Pedro Almodóvar is fun at parties, but parties aren't always fun for Pedro Almodóvar. Socializing has really exhausted me as time has gone by, Almodóvar told me in September, not long after he.. Eurovision 's Breakout Star Addresses the Oscars' Egregious Best Song Snub Pedro Almodóvar's latest film, Pain and Glory, is one of the most autobiographical in his long career. It's moving,.. And while it wouldn't be the first time Almodóvar makes a movie about a director, Pain and Glory is easily the most autobiographical of the three. In Law of Desire, the director is young and successful but uncertain of what he wants, leaving him vulnerable to the possessive love of a young, repressed queer man, also played by Antonio Banderas Pain and Glory is writer-director Pedro Almodóvar's 21st feature film. It's also his most confident and serene. The bad boy melodramatist from Madrid turned 60 last month, and this is the kind of..

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Cannes 2019 International Film Festival Cannes 2019 Cannes Capsule Pedro Almodovar Pain and Glory Once they adopt you it's forever, quipped Pedro Almodóvar during his press conference about the affection shown him by audiences here. No public is as loyal as the French. That Gallic fealty could apply to the Cannes festival as well This evocative, nostalgic voyage back in time welcomes the viewer to Pain and Glory, Pedro Almodóvar's heartrending, meditative, and deeply confessional culmination of his prolonged immersion in the waters of autofiction. The clues of this fictionalized self-portrait are hidden in plain sight: Banderas, in the role of a lifetime, wears Almodóvar's messy hairstyle, flashy sweaters, and. Pedro Almodóvar strips away emotional facades in Pain and Glory The reflection on the director's later-in-life preoccupations is one of his best films yet

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Pain and Glory (Dolor y Gloria), Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar 's new film about a melancholic filmmaker played by Antonio Banderas, opened in cinemas across Spain this weekend - and is being seen as a thinly disguised autobiography and the most retrospective work in his 40-year career Antonio Banderas plays a film director not unlike Pedro Almodovar in Pain and Glory

In Pedro Almodovar's Pain and Glory, Film Director Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas) writes at a La Basilica Table by Mario Bellini. Shop Now. 637 Utrecht Armchair Orange by Gerrit Rietveld. As seen in: Pain and Glory; Designer: Gerrit Thomas Rietveld Cassina Director: Pedro Almodóvar. Revolutionary for its time, the vibrant 637 Utrecht Armchair continues to turn heads today. We spotted two. The Film Comment Podcast: Pedro Almodóvar and Pain and Glory. By Nicolas Rapold on September 18, 2019. One of the highlights of the fall, and this year's New York Film Festival, is the new film by Pedro Almodóvar, Pain and Glory. Our new September-October issue features an essay by Michael Koresky about the film and its fearless autobiographical story. Koresky writes, There has been no. Pain and Glory is much more restrained than the films Almodóvar made in his glory days. But it's hardly joyless. In the movie's most beautiful scenes, Salvador spends time with his aged mother.. The plan for Pedro Almodóvar, when he was growing up in fascist Spain, was that the boy become a priest—something alluded to in the wonderfully rich and moving Pain and Glory, his highly.

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Running time: 113 minutes. Rated (drug use, graphic nudity and language). Pain and Glory marks Pedro Almodóvar's 21st movie. And, like any 21-year-old with a handle of Smirnoff, the Spanish.. In what might be temptingly considered an autobiographical story, if only because it feels so personal, Almodóvar's latest film Pain and Glory (which made its New York premiere Saturday at the.. Christopher Katsarov/The Globe and Mail Like the protagonist of his new film Pain and Glory, Pedro Almodovar suffers from debilitating back pain. It can be relieved in the weightless environment of.. Pain and Glory, dir. Pedro Almodóvar, Spain 2019, 113 min., Spanish with English subtitles Shadowing Pedro Almodóvar's own biography, the Spanish auteur's latest feature depicts the life of Salvador Mallo, a film director facing physical decline as he nostalgically reflects on his past

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Directed by Pedro Almodóvar. With Antonio Banderas, Asier Etxeandia, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Nora Navas. A film director reflects on the choices he's made in life as the past and present come crashing down around him Pedro Almodóvar's 'Pain and Glory' is an intensely personal and sensuous return to form. Tweet Share Post Bookmark. Over his four-decade-spanning career, Pedro Almodóvar 's name has become.

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Pedro Almodóvar's 'Pain and Glory' Sweeps Spanish Academy Goya Awards Antonio Banderas on Pedro Almodóvar and His 'Revolution' in Spanish Cinema Best director went to Céline Sciamma for her.. Courtesy Sony Pictures Classics. Painful for sure, but glorious too, Pain and Glory is Spanish wunderkind Pedro Almodóvar's best and most moving film in years—a brave and wrenching self-portrait of.. Pain & Glory ranks among Pedro Almodóvar's most personal movies, and sometimes the process of filming it left him totally emotionally overwhelmed. That's at least according to Antonio Banderas, who..

'Pain and Glory' Explores the Bittersweet Beauty of Aging Directed by Pedro Almodóvar Starring Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Asier Etxeandia, Cecilia Roth, Raúl Aréval Asier Etxeandia, left, and Antonio Banderas in Pain and Glory. Manolo Pavón, Photographer / Handout. Autobiographical in spirit if not in detail, 70-year-old Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. Pedro Almodóvar delivers the finest film of his prodigious career in this autobiographical film, Dolor y Gloria, a cinematic treasure relating the life and gifts of a genius. Though all of his films are treasures, this production's writing, directing, acting, cinematography, musical scoring, settings, and message are the work of a master, and his confreres. Briefly, the span of this two. As his health begins to wane, an aging film director (Antonio Banderas) reflects on the relationships and experiences that built his life and rekindles old connections from his past. As he struggles to separate his urge to create from the reality of his own life, his encounters with his past ultimately lead him towards a better path

Pain and Glory (2019) - A Moving Portrait of Pedro Almodovar Pain and Glory is a testament to Almodovar's art - a personal, existential tale based on loose memoirs, people and places. When acclaimed directors reach a certain age, they're often tempted to become more sentimental and reflective in their last films Pain and Glory features another achingly lovely score from Alberto Iglesias, who won Best Composer at Cannes, and pop-colored cinematography from Almodóvar's trusted collaborator José Luis.. Pain and Glory: A film Pedro Almodóvar aficionados will find much to obsess over By Jordan Farley 18 May 2019 Total Film sits down with Pedro Almodóvar 21st film at Cannes 2019, and his most. Pain and Glory (2019) screenplay written by Pedro Almodóvar. Read and download scripts for free. Discover Your Fandom with 8FLiX Already playing in Spain and set to open in the U.S. on October 4, Pain and Glory concerns an aging filmmaker at a crisis point in his life, a protagonist the 69-year-old Almodóvar has called a..

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Pain and Glory. 2019. Spain. Directed and written by Pedro Almodóvar. With Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Asier Etxeandia. 114 min. Pedro Almodóvar, in a late-career masterwork, has created a prismatic reflection on his own life. It is both a deeply personal journey and an act of liberation. Antonio Banderas's rapturous portrayal of an aging auteur is both agonizing and inspiring (he. Pain and Glory, now at the New York Film Festival, marks the eighth time Pedro Almodovar and Antonio Banderas have worked together, in a long collaboration that began in the 1980s, at the beginning of both their careers.That relationship informs Pain and Glory's narrative, as Banderas creates a character modeled, in part, on his friend, and Almodovar uses personal experiences, childhood. The pain underlying Antonio Banderas' performance in Pain and Glory seems to be coming from some mysterious level within the actor himself. Photo: Manolo Pavón , Sony Pictures . If there were any doubts that Pedro Almodóvar wasn't just a fun, idiosyncratic, indelible and significant filmmaker, but an undeniably great filmmaker — one for the ages — those doubts were dispelled.

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Written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. The latest film from Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar is Pain and Glory, with Antonio Banderas.Almodóvar began making feature films in the mid-1970s and. Pain and Glory. Pedro Almodóvar. New York Premiere · Q&As with Pedro Almodóvar on Sept. 28 (joined by Antonio Banderas) & Sept. 29 This film has no current screenings. share. Pedro Almodóvar; 2019; Spain; Subtitled; 113 minutes; Q&As with Pedro Almodóvar on Sept. 28 (joined by Antonio Banderas) & Sept. 29. Pedro Almodóvar cuts straight to the heart with his intensely personal latest. Pain and Glory talks about creation, about the difficulty of separating it from one's own life and about the passions that give it meaning and hope. In recovering his past, Salvador finds the urgent need to recount it, and in that need he also finds his salvation Pedro Almodóvar - 'Pain and Glory‪'‬ Awards Chatter Film Interviews More Episodes; 060500 PLAY. 44 min. More Episodes; 060500 More by The Hollywood Reporter See All. In Conversation With The Hollywood Reporter TV's Top 5 The Hollywood Reporter Behind The Screen The Hollywood Reporter.

Review: 'Pain and Glory' is Pedro Almodóvar at his best

Spain on Thursday chose veteran director and previous Oscar winner Pedro Almodovar's Pain and Glory as its entry for the best international feature film category at the 92nd Academy Awards Pedro Almodóvar, Writer: Hable con ella. The most internationally acclaimed Spanish filmmaker since Luis Buñuel was born in a small town (Calzada de Calatrava) in the impoverished Spanish region of La Mancha. He arrived in Madrid in 1968, and survived by selling used items in the flea-market called El Rastro. Almodóvar couldn't study filmmaking because he didn't have the money to afford. Director Pedro Almodóvar, center, flanked by actors Asier Etxeandia, left, and Antonio Banderas, who appear in his film 'Pain and Glory.' Photo: Sony Pictures Classic

Monday Morning Man: César Vicente!Antonio Banderas On 'Pain And Glory' And The Heart Attack19 things you didn't know about Rosalía, the Spanish‘Pain and Glory’: How Antonio Banderas and Pedro Almodovar
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